Molly Addison Larman

I wish I had all the time in the world to sit and capture all of my feelings and details of the last 3 weeks, but this is the real world and I happen to have a 3 week old infant whom I took to the pediatrician today because her voice was so horse from all of the crying she has done. So I will try to get the main points in before the screaming resumes. Molly was born on March 28th. Even though I tried everything imaginable to stay healthy and have a small enough baby to actually attempt a vaginal delivery she was delivered via C-section. I could not believe my eyes when I saw them pull her out of me! She was 9 pounds and 4 ounces. I was a little grateful I did go ahead and have a c-section. Everything went very well and she was very healthy. I have been so fortunate to have such great help from friends and family. The person that has supported me the most though is Jason. He is the only reason I am somewhat sane right now. He is already totally wrapped around that tiny little finger of Molly's. There is just something between girls and their dads. Anyways, going on and on off topic. So far we have made it 3 weeks with no problems. Molly still is not up to her birth weight so I am trying everything I can to get her to weigh more. She is getting close but just isn't gaining weight at the rate that most infants do. Nursing is so important to me and I am trying everything I can, but I worry every day that she is not getting enough. Molly is very sweet when you can figure out just the right way to hold her and she loves the vacuum. I try to enjoy each day with her even through all of the crying.

Pregnancy at its best

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This pregnancy has been a little easier than I remember the last two being. The kids and Jason have been great at helping out and not getting too upset when I get grumpy. I really wanted to have a vaginal delivery since Sara and Clayton were born via Cesarean and it did not go too well. I found out last Friday that this baby is already 8 pounds with three weeks until my due date. My doctor is not comfortable letting me deliver a baby that large so we are scheduling c-section number 3 for March 28th. I am so excited to meet this not so little boy or girl. I am sure I will have my hands full as it seems this baby is just as active as its' siblings.

Conroe Black History Parade

For Black History month the city of Conroe has a parade. Sara's school drew names for students to get to ride in the principal's truck in the parade and Sara was picked. She was super excited to get to wave and be in a real parade. She had lots of fun especially once she managed to squeeze her way in between the two vice principals and enjoy the attention.
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Monster Truck Jam

For Clayton's birthday I wanted to do something really fun but also pretty low key. So we told him he was going with Jason for a birthday surprise. You can imagine how excited he got when he got to his destination and learned that he was going to get to see real monster trucks do stunts. He was in little boy heaven. His favorite truck was Grave Digger and the last picture shows you why.
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Decorating: Room 1




Because decorating a home can be super expensive and a little mind blowing we are taking it extrememly slow. I am focusing on one room every few months. The first room up was Sara's. It needed paint and ofcourse she had to have pink. Because it is the largest of the two kid's rooms it is where the crib gets to live. Even though we have no idea if we are having a girl or boy we figure the baby won't care if the room is pink. I did work very hard to try to make it a little less feminine with the green and blue curtains and neutral bedding for the crib. It was hard but I think it came together ok, and Sara loves it. I am glad I get a break because decorating is not only hard work but it can be hard on a budget.
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