A Day at the Aquarium

Friday I took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium. The kids really had a fun time! I was hesitant to take them anywhere since they were having a rough morning, but I was certainly appreciative that they seemed to cheer right up once we got there. The day seemed to be going fairly well, and just when I thought to myself- see I can handle taking the kids to exciting new places- I lost Sara. Yep, you heard me right I actually lost my child in a large 3 story aquarium! I have never felt so panicked! Those people that tell you to just stay calm obviously have not been there. Luckily after several minutes of searching and alerting the entire staff at the aquarium my mother-in-law,Karen, found Sara on the 1st floor, we last saw her on the 3rd floor. When Karen found her she was as calm as can be and just said, "Mia I'm lost." Well I was very grateful that she was safe, and I will definitely try to keep closer tabs on my children in the future. We still had a very nice time, and Sara told me the whole way home how much fun she had.

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