Sea World May 2011

This weekend Jason and I took the kids to Sea World San Antonio. They had sooo much fun! The only complaint was they both wanted to ride the really big roller coasters and were too small. They did get to ride one that had 100 foot drop and loved every minute, but that just made them want to ride the rest of the big ones that much more. We also got to see every show which we all loved! The kids have not stopped acting out the Azul show since we have been home.

The first day we started out simple with this kiddie roller coaster. Once the kids discovered the bigger ones this one was no longer worthy of our time.

This show was the famous Sea Lion show. Sara's favorite part was getting drenched. I thought it was pretty cool that a Walrus could do a sit up. If he can do it then I shouldn't complain when I have to do them.

Of course the Believe Show was amazing. To think that an animal so big and beautiful could do such wonderful tricks is just magical.

And yes we took time to feed the dolphins. The kids were amazed they could get so close and even touch this wonderful animal they have only seen in movies before now.

The Azul show combined the Baluga Whale, my favorite, with dolphins, amazing divers, dancers, and birds, all doing amazing acrobatics. It was great at sparking everyone's imagination.

And of course what vacation would be complete without some good old fashion fun in freezing cold water. It is a good thing dad was there- because I was not getting in.

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