Labor Day

How great that Jason started back to school only a week ago, and before he gets too bogged down with reading they let him have the day off! (I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it is a national holiday- they just thought the students would like an extra day to relax before things get too crazy:) We took full advantage of this great occasion. We started first thing this morning by visiting our favorite friends at the zoo. Even the elephant cared enough to shower for us. Once it got a little too hot we headed over to spend some time in the pool with family. As you can see it was really fun, and now both kids are sound asleep- I am not sure anything could possibly disturb them- yay!!!
She loves the statues more than the actual animals.

This morning, while we attended the wonderful Dallas Zoo, Clayton discovered the Cranes. Just as he got close enough to get a good look at them one decided to peck at him through the fence. Clayton was physically ok, but that bird really hurt his feelings! In an attempt to get even with the Crane, Jason of course had to torment the over-sensitive birds. This made Clayton laugh and the day went on being good.

Believe it or not they did spend more time in the water than in the air.

Clayton splashing around.

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Emily said...

I love each sequence of pics - cute and clever. . . Oh, I miss the Dallas zoo.