What was I thinking!!!

Every Wednesday morning I take Sara to ballet class and try like crazy to keep Clayton occupied in the sitting area. We are not allowed to make any noise because only a very sheer piece of fabric separates the class from the waiting area. Well for some reason this experience got me thinking that Clayton was missing out because he was not enrolled in any sort of structured activity. So forward I went trying to find a fun class for him even though he is only 18 months old. I was super excited to find a gymnastics class at ASI that had a tiny tots class and a kids gym at the same time. So this afternoon at 4pm we attended our trial class. What was I thinking! First Sara couldn't start her class on time because her "coach" was still with one of the other fifty classes going on. Clayton was way overwhelmed by the millions of people running every which way, but I continued to try to convince him to touch his toes and stretch. The other little boy in his class is being seriously chastised by his mom for not paying attention. I then start to feel guilty because I am kind of just letting Clayton do his own thing. Well after a few more exercises the other student in Clayton's class is escorted out by his very frustrated mother. The "coach" then looks at me like, "what should we do now?" It doesn't help that the only child left in the class, mine, does not feel up to doing anything but shaking his head and saying no every time he is asked to do something. This awkardness is soon interrupted by another "coach" who is coming to tell me that Sara just went potty in the middle of the obstacle course on the gymnastics floor. So we quickly gather up our belongings, head for the car, strip Sara down naked in the parking lot and head for home. The whole time I am thinking, "What was I thinking adding all of this unnessasary stress to myself and my poor children." The things we sometimes do to make sure our kids are absolutely not missing out on anything we may not have gotten as children.


George Fam said...

OH NO! It definitely was One of THOSE days - yikes! I hope today is better for you. Caden wasn't ready to stay with the group at 18 mos either. Maybe Clayton is the same way.

Emily said...

I TOTALLY agree. I have the same fear - that my children will miss out on something or be disadvantaged in some way. But at the expense of the most important (eternal) things? It's not worth it.
I have those same reality checks all the time - thanks for the good reminder of what's REALLY important!!!

p.s. My Clayton (5 yrs) didn't talk until he was three. Not a word. I didn't sleep at night worrying about him. He's doing just fine now - the top of his kindergarten class.
It sounds like your Clayton is definitely on track and doing JUST WHAT BOYS DO. No worries. He's adorable!