Happy Easter

Here we are at the crack of dawn getting dressed to go see if the Easter Bunny came! You see I am not one of those mean moms that takes pictures of their kids before the get a chance to comb their hair in the morning. I don't make them comb it I just give them the opportunity before I go camera crazy. Sara decided all on her own that she needed an up-do to go with the dress she picked out to wear! Clayton and James could really care less!

Wow! I must have some great kids in this house for the Easter Bunny to love them this much!!!

That Easter Bunny was super smart! He knew just where each kids' eye level would be.

And EVERYONE was happy!!! I got the best Easter basket ever! My adorable nephew to play with! I sure do LOVE babies!

And for tradition sake the infamous Easter Egg Hunt.

To help with Easter dinner the kids decided to make dessert. Sara helped me make a multi-layer rice krispie treat, and then her and Clayton sacrificed peeps from their Easter basket to decorate it.

Here are my homemade dinner rolls we had for Easter Dinner. Jason thought they were gigantic, but I didn't want to have to make a million so I just made them big.

We had a fantastic Easter! The food was no feast but it was good and easy which I found to be best on holidays. I wish I would have taken more pictures after out family arrived. The kids had lots of fun getting to show Grandma and Grandpa all the cool things they could do like riding bikes. I thing James enjoyed having my grandparents around to coo and idle him. Jonathan and Telma were of course a huge hit! Not only do the kids love how Telma is one of the few adults who can totally get all of their imaginative make believe games, but she also brought them yummy baskets full of toys and chocolates which they were super happy about especially since they thought they had gotten everything they could get in one day. Happy Easter everyone! And to those we missed we hope to see you on Easter next year!

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Telminha said...

It was for sure a great Easter! The kids look all so happy! James had lots of fun playing with his cousins and he always comes home with something new he learned from them. Thanks for the great dinner and for being such a great aunt to James! Hope to see you guys soon!