House Phase 1

Jason and I found a house that I love and he at least agreed to that we are in the process of trying to buy. Jason has very different taste than I do. He doesn't really care for newer neighborhoods where most of the houses look the same and you only get a few tiny trees and a small yard. I love them because it means that the kids have sidewalks to ride their bikes, a park we can walk to, and a community pool. We are not scheduled to close on the house until the middle of December and I have to keep reminding myself that at any moment things might fall apart and it may not happen. So wish us luck. Here is a preview of what we are hoping to make our own.


aubrey said...

Awesome! I love the paint too... the purple is awesome. Do you like it?

Larman Family said...

Not exactly. I think I would like the purple more if there weren't so many other colors competing with it. Also there are a lot of holes and scratches in the paint so we have to go over it regardless. Maybe I have just rented so long I have gotten used to white walls. It will be hard deciding on what colors to go with. I think the purple would work better in a larger kitchen, too. Thanks. I am so excited because this is our first house that will be actually ours.