Tangled in String

Tonight Sara and I sat down to read stories as usual, and while Clayton read with us for a short time, soon his attention wandered and he went off to entertain himself. As I was reading I kept noticing out of the corner of my eye that Clayton would begin to enter the room as if something or someone was following him. This caught my attention since I was the only one here, and I couldn't think of an object that would follow him. Well I kept reading trying to hurry and finish the story so I could go and investigate. Well before I could finish I started to hear screams from Clayton in the other room. Alarmed Sara and I ran to see what could be going on. Well I found Clayton completely tangled in a spool of sewing thread. He had found the spool and had been trying to pull the end to get the rest to follow him, but it just kept unraveling. Soon he had managed to get a whole bunch of string wrapped all around his toes and legs and fingers until finally he was just stuck in a tangled mess. It was quite a site to see. Once I untangled him and stopped the spool from unraveling he was able to pull it around the house quite contentedly.

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