Texas State Fair

Well we did it! We managed to find time and go and enjoy the fair. It was a little hard since Jason didn't have the extra time to go with us, but luckily my mom came in town to help keep up with two little ones in a vast area of crowds. Sara talks about the Ferris wheel every time we drive by from the freeway so she was so excited to finally get to ride on it. I took both kids on it and it seemed to be just the right pace for us. I was grateful that neither child got scarred at all even when they looked down from the very top- the one nice thing about having kids with no fear. The next event was made obvious by Clayton's huge temper tantrum- we needed some deep fried food. The kids ate some potatoes that are a cross between potato chips and french fries, and then devoured an entire bag of cotton candy while we enjoyed the dog show- which they both really loved. The last event was the petting zoo. It was so much better than the zoo in the fact that they were able to touch all sorts of animals. Clayton really enjoyed getting to touch everything, especially the really soft lama. The giant mother pig did scare him quite a bit when she licked his hand in hopes for food, but all in all it was a great time.


The Lowe Family said...

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Aleasha said...

such great pictures! there is nooo way my girls would get on that thing... but i am totally happy about that. i wouldnt get on either! :)

Team Ayres said...

that last pic of sara on the ferris wheel is so precious!