Sara and I had a super fun day Saturday while Clayton was taking a nap. A great friend of ours told us how to make a tutu that Sara could wear. First we went to the fabric store where Sara got to pick out the colors she wanted. She had a very hard time only choosing one or two so we ended up getting enough to make three different tutus! We came home and she helped me do some cutting while Jason entertained himself by making a rope for her out of scraps. When we finished she was so excited that she had to do a ballerina dance for us! It was really a fun easy project.


Aleasha said...

That is a great tutu! I would love to know how to make it. I am sure my girls would be all over that!!!! Your blog is great. Your kiddos are beautiful!

George Fam said...

so ADORABLE! you are going to have to share your secret to making a simple tutu so I can make one for Brynlee when she gets a little older.

Larman Family said...

I really could not believe how easy they are to make! Here are some helpful links if you want to attempt this fun craft-