We're really in trouble now...

So lately Clayton has had more and more of a desire to watch television. I try to only let Sara watch one or two shows each day and he really seems to look forward to this time. Lately at other times of the day he will make me get up from playing and pull me in to the room with a tv and point to tell me he would like to watch tv. Well of course I don't obey, but often times huge temper tantrums follow. I figured I could just take the TV away entirely for a couple of days and then maybe he wouldn't want it so much. Well today as I am making breakfast and Jason is working on the yard Clayton came in from outside and figured out how to turn the tv on and get his video to come on. He only had a very short time, but he figured it out. I think that he is always going to be one step ahead of me.
Here he figured out how to get the TV on. Then below he got the VCR on. That is when he noticed I was watching him- notice the "I just got caught face"

Once he pushed the tape in and the movie started he was so proud of himself.
Just have to settle in to my favorite chair and enjoy!


George Fam said...

too cute!! and i just noticed the random quote..ha ha

Aleasha said...

I really like his outfit!!! I am so happy my kids aren't the only one sportin' it!