Rest Mat



So I am really proud of myself for making this rest mat for Sara to take to school. Even though she has not napped in many years since she is attending a public school the state of Texas requires them to have a rest mat and quiet time on that mat. She may even need a nap once she starts getting up at 6am to catch the bus by 7. So originally I wanted to order one online that was super cute and comfy, but unfortunately most of the really cute ones were anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00! Which while I understand since fabric isn't cheap and it takes a lot to make one this was definately not in our price range for school supplies. So I went to walmart got a plastic mat for 8.00 and a sheet for 7.00, added it to a blanket and pillow we had in the pantry with no existing purpose, and now I am super excited that every day at school she will snuggle up something that I made just for her!
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